New RSD Treatments: Participating in Clinical Trials

The medical community, with the exception of a few neurologists that understand CRPS treatment/RSD treatment , is only now becoming aware of reflex sympathetic dystrophy/complex regional pain syndrome. Given that the pathology of RSD/CRPS is not fully understood and that early treatment of CRPS or treatment for RSD are important to helping patients manage pain given currently understood CRPS treatment guidelines, the development of new RSD treatments is important.
While doctors continue their search for the best treatment for RSD given the current state of medicine, it is the research community focused new treatment for RSD that will allow for a broader menu of CRPS treatment options and RSD treatment options (to understand the distinction between CRPS and RSD, read Understanding RSD). Currently, doctors tend to recommend the following treatment for reflex sympathetic dystrophy:

While the larger medical community tries to address patients’ need for rsd medicine and other rsd disease treatments, the answer for those seeking relief may come from participating in clinical trials. While some studies focus on pain management medication, others focus on the relationship between RSD and other diseases/health conditions. As the search for other modes of complex regional pain syndrome treatment continues and the number of clinical trials expands, new RSD treatments are one step closer. Participating in these trials may offer both relief and the opportunity to help advance the medicine and methods used in treatment for CRPS.

To find open clinical trials focused on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome treatment, visit list of open CRPS trials. As researchers seek out the next generation reflex sympathetic dystrophy treatment, or try to identify medical conditions that may affect the outcomes of patients undergoing RSD treatment, you can play a role by signing up as a candidate. In the end, it can help not only you, but also all of the other patients out the seeking CRPS treatment or RSD treatement!

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